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A warm welcome to you! My name is Wayne "Lone Eagle" Darling. I have been an Aura Photographer for nearly 2 decades, taking thousands of photos and traveling the world with my camera. My interpretations of the auric colors are insightful and intuitive and have helped thousands of people worldwide to understand their true colors and how "your" colors reveal what is going on in your world.
I am the author of Fifth Dimensional Healing, now in its second printing. Over the years, I have been honored to participate in sacred ceremonies with shamanic people in New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Alaska, Hawai'i and Ireland, as well as mainland USA. I offer workshops on such diverse subjects as pyramid power healing, crystal healing, using the Medicine Wheel, and chosing crystals to enhance your life. I've been sponsored to many countries to teach and counsel, and am available for intuitive counseling and have helped many people connect with the crystals and minerals they need for personal and spiritual growth.
I am also a reiki master and teacher, and have always had an inner relationship with crystals and minerals. I create sacred jewelry for growth and healing. I personally select the crystals and minerals for sale by Crystal Quartz Depot, Inc.
Thank you for stopping by our site. May your world be filled with beauty and color. Love and Blessings, Wayne.

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Color Interpretations

Red: Passion, Vitality, Physical Relationships, Sexuality, Dynamic, High Energy. If murky or dull, it can indicate anger or stress. If you are "seeing red" find out why and release it.
Orange: Heightened Creativity; Birthing New Creative Projects; New Creative Business Opportunities. Transmutes mental energies into action. Strength for handling life's difficulties.
Yellow: Joy & Contentment. Using intuition or insight in business relationships or education. Thinking, "mind over matter" or "mind over emotion." This is solar energy, supplying courage to move forward in life. If dull yellow, you may be anxious. Identify your fears and release them.
Green: Getting in touch emotionally with yourself or others; emotional healing, growth, prosperity. If murky, it can indicate a touch of envy or jealousy. We've all heard of "the green-eyed monster" and "being green with envy." Explore your feelings or lack thereof and cultivate self-empowerment. Be thankful for what you have and manifest your wishes and dreams. 
Aqua Blue: Fourth Dimensional emotional empowerment; knowing how to use your emotional energy to create what you want in your world. Dolphin energy, oceanic energy. Channeling is possible.
Royal Blue: Cosmic Consciousness touching your lifestream, literally "out of the blue." Mental energy; lofty, expansive thoughts; logical thinking. Open throat chakra, excellent communication. Peace, calmness. If too dark, can indicate "feeling blue," melancholic or depressed. Say what you need to, but be kind. It's not what you say, it's how you say it. 
White: Your soul is making progress; spiritual growth and understanding; help from unseen guides and angels. Innocence, purity and clarity.
Pink: Love manifests in pink - unconditional, romantic, pure, for a child, a soul mate or the Divine. Compassion, humanitarian, philanthropic.
Magenta: Opening to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness. Teleportation. The portal to intergalactic communication. The multi-dimensional healer.
Purple / Lilac: Communicating with spirit guides; receiving spiritual guidance; growth of wisdom within. Magic and mystery. Initiations.
Gold: The Midas Touch; what you touch turns to gold; golden opportunities. Becoming an Alchemist on the inner planes.
Peach / Melon: The glow of achievement; a balanced, healthy lifestyle either personally, professionally or both. Contentment.

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